Double side mirror Glass Chips

Minimum order quantity: 5 Tons
Pool glass bead is the newest line of premium specialty aggregates with an array of radiant colors. Have three series glass beads: Iridescent glass beads , special effect blended colors glass beads, general virgin glass beads. This versatile colored glass product is available in iridescent irregular shaped beads and can be used in swimming pool finishes, floors, counter tops, and other specialty decorative structures to create an enhanced shimmer. Our glass bead allows for a reflective brilliance, silky smooth texture, and light transparency all in one material. They are safe and non-reactive with most epoxies, chemicals and resin compounds.These can be either blended with a pebble or used by themselves for a silky smooth full glass bead finish.

Terrazzo shell aggregate chips is a common aggregate used in terrazzo known for its striking appearance and durability. They are available in various sizes.Color is constant, reflection is perfect, and the price is the most reasonable.

Size Options:

1-3mm 3-6mm 6-9mm 9-12mm

Product applications:

Terrzzo flor Terrazzo pot Countertop Concrete


1000kg/big bag
1200kg/big bag

Size Chart:

Size no
size in inch
less than 1/16
1/16" -1/8"

Note: For large orders and special sizes, please contact Daixi Glass Company.

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